Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products microwave safe?

Nope! There are metal supports inside of the buddies, and I also don’t know how the cured clay would handle being microwaved. I can’t guarantee how it would hold up over time.

How should I wash my Muggy Buddy product?

I recommend handwashing only to keep your Muggy Buddy looking good. I can’t guarantee how it would hold up going through a dishwasher.

Do you do custom orders?

At this time, I’m not taking custom orders. However, if there’s a particular type of Muggy Buddy you would like to see created, I’m always open to suggestions!

The Muggy Buddy I wanted already sold. Will you make another one?

Sorry! All Muggy Buddies are one of a kind and can’t be recreated. However, I may end up going back any making a new version of a past Muggy Buddy.